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Shanghai taxi is a free Android application to get all the information you need about taxi trips in Shanghai.
The application provides the following features:

  • Predefined list of usual places in Shanghai (including Expo 2010!).
  • Trip driving distance.
  • Trip cost and duration, based on day/night fares and current traffic.
  • Map display, optionally including traffic.
  • Destination information in chinese for taxi drivers.
  • No internet connection required for data! (optionally required for map display).

As this application is in its very early stages, please feel free to report any issue or improvement you would like to have. The places list is also not very large currently, so give your feedback to build a good set of most common places in Shanghai!


  • More locations (Universities, Hospitals).
  • GPS localization to see if the taxi driver is not going "too far away".
  • Button to find the closest pre-defined location from current location.


Version 1.0.4 - February 2010, 21st: ShanghaiTaxi.apk (Android 1.5 to 2.0.1, 320x480)


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